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What is the Endotype Formula?

Our branding system is built around the Endotype Formula™ personality profiling system. Endotype Formula is an assessment that goes far beyond the surface-level. It is a powerful system that uncovers the essence of your unique design, shedding light on the depths of your personality, motivations, and interactions with the world. Delving beneath the veneer of strengths and weaknesses, the Endotype Formula unravels the intricacies of your pre-programmed tendencies, revealing the key to unlocking your authentic self.


Your Endotype is more than just a label; it is a comprehensive portrait of your true self. It encompasses how you communicate, behave, and relate to others, as well as the profound emotional cravings that often lie hidden beneath the surface. By recognizing your Endotype, you gain unparalleled insight into who you are in your business. 


When you are trained to use the Endotype Formula to predict and create branding for business owners, you will have the power to see who each client really is. The business owners you encounter usually do not understand how their clients perceive them and frequently downplay their natural talents. They may have come to believe success stems solely from achieving and overcoming obstacles. The Endotype Formula gives you the power to recognize and harness these business owners' inherent strengths. Empowered with the knowledge of their Endotype, you will become skilled advisers of their brand, marketing and business. You will have detailed expertise to share with those potential clients. 

Act now and the power of the Endotype Formula can be put directly into your hands, creating immediate value for your current and future clients. 

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